Making this world a better place for all living beings, that's who we are!

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We live in a world where we want to share emotions, give thanks, show we care and tell someone how much we love them -­‐ and so, Cardies was born in 1977. Starting off as a small shop, selling greeting cards, we empowered people to show their love by giving a special message in the form of a card or a gift. The demand for beautiful words and verses grew and overnight Cardies exploded into South Africa, providing means to express love, gratitude and appreciation towards the ones you love and care about.

We are in the relationship business and we stand for improved human interaction and loving relationships. We promote family values, love relationships and interaction with friends and acquaintances. In 2015 we took our caring to the next level. We partnered up with the National Council of SPCA’s to assist them in improving the relationships between animals and people. We are now their formal retail partners and together we’re not only striving to make the world a better place for people, but for all life forms on the planet.


Humankind is extremely unique… But we all have one thing in common, and that – is LOVE! 

We need each other, from our parents to our partners, our friends, colleagues, siblings and pets.. We need all rely on each other to make this world a better place. And that’s what we do! We help you connect to whomever you want to connect with. Be it with a card, a balloon, a gift or a bear; the relationship you want to nourish, starts with a little something from Cardies.

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We have 37 Cardies stores, Nationwide, positioned perfectly for anyone feeling like this world is good place! Our stores are filled with not only fun novelty gifts and goodies, cards and teddies, but moreover, each item in the store is there with purpose and meaning.

One card can save a friendship and that little grey bear can be the start of a beautiful new relationship. From friendship tokens to love declarations and balloons to turn any event into a celebration, Cardies is here to help you make it happen. Of course each store has it’s own family of friendly, helpful, loving staff members all united by our vision…. MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE! 


Our response and responsibility during Covid-19.

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Cardies online shop

Cardies online shop is now open! #ShoppingTime!

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30 Cardies stores, Nationwide. Find the one closest to you!

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