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Calling ALL Harry Potter Fans!
Did the Sorting Hat place you into Gryffindor as you wished? Or was Slytherin the choice for you? Well whichever house you were placed in, get your Hogwarts mug right here! Oval shaped, coloured with the 4 houses’ uniforms! Better yet, collect them all! Official Harry Potter Licensed mugs now available at participating Cardies stores nationwide!

Who We Are. What We Do

Our aim is to create opportunities for anyone who wants to express something. 

Our balloons can turn any occasion into a memorable celebration, our cards can hit just the right heart strings and our trendy range of beautiful fun and novel gifts, bring smiles all around! We make sure our stores are stocked with high quality, well priced merchandise to connect humanity to each other. 


Meet our Cardies Lockdown Mascot – MEEKO!

Move over unicorns, sloths are taking center stage! We’ve all fallen in love with the sweet and slow magic of SLOTHS! And with that, our Cardies Lockdown Mascot, Meeko, was born!u00a0 Meeko might be slow, but he’s clever, fun and filled with awesome ideas! He kept us busy during lockdown and now, he’ll be heading

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100% Latex 100% Biodegradable

Ultimately, it’s crucial that balloon decorators, retailers and users understand which of the materials they use are biodegradable and how to properly dispose of the ones that are not. By remaining environmentally conscious, we preserve the planet and ensure that we’re prepared to answer our customers’ concerns. Our industry takes a proactive approach to educate

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Share the #joyofballoons

What would the world be like without balloons? As various levels of balloon ban legislation work their way through lawmakers’ hands around the world, it is a very real question on minds of balloon artists. What if we could spread the joy of balloons around the world and create a wildfire of cheer to remind

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Why us

Your relationship starts here.

When you walk into our world, it’s normally because you care for someone and have a message for them.


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